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Woman and post-mortem baby. Ashford, Kent.

Woman with a baby. Post-mortem.

Found this one in a flea market.

Flight of the Nephilim

larger viewCollapse )

Digital painting. 16x20 inches at 400 DPI - many layers of swirling spirits in clouds and smoke, airships, buildings, and the main figure - each element decorated intensely with glyphs and scripts down to near-microscopic detail in each inch of the painting.

Mollie Fancher, the Brooklyn enigma

"Bedridden at her brownstone home at 160 Gates Avenue, Mollie began exhibiting bizarre behavior—blindness, spasms, and what’s described as a “nine-year trance.”
When she finally awoke, oddly in almost perfect health, she claimed to be a clairvoyant who could see through walls, read people’s thoughts, and was in touch with the afterlife. Molly also insisted she could exist without eating. “By the late 1870s Fancher’s food abstinence was as allegedly as awesome as her clairvoyance,” writes Joan Jacobs Brumberg in Fasting Girls. “In one six-month period, her recorded intake was four teaspoons of milk punch, two teaspoons of wine, one small banana, and a piece of cracker.”
Newspapers gleefully reported Molly’s wild claims. Scientists and the public weighed in as well. But since Mollie refused to be examined, her claims couldn’t be proven."

Source- http://ephemeralnewyork.wordpress.com/2011/01/31/mollie-fancher-the-mysterious-brooklyn-enigma/

Delightful Mourning jewelry!

I was searching etsy for some new interesting jewelry pieces when I found a shop that has some rather beautiful taxidermy jewelry.

This was one of my favorites. :)

She's also running a sale right now for 30% off of everything with the code DEADLIKEME. Just thought I'd share as I love a good deal. :)

Gorgeous chemist's shop in Fabriano, Italy

it has also links with freemasonry....and they also sell natural cosmetics
Museo Farmacia Mazzolini Giuseppucci

Sep. 16th, 2011

"With his studio located in the Bowery, New York City, photographer Charles Eisenmann began photographing portraits of show people from dime museums in the 1870s. While photographing “ordinary” people in the basic conventional form, Eisenmann continued working on his archive of “freaks” throughout the 1870s and 80s, which he sold in the cabinet style as collectables.

Clothed in stand collar uniforms and bustle dresses from the Victorian Era, each portrait is carefully directed to enhance the visual wonders of the models’ distinct physique."

More - http://www.gallery-naruyama.com/english/collection-eng.html

Working children (maybe slightly post-1901)

A great photographis account of these young workers
Lewis Hine Photography
Featuring great photos of "industrial archaeology" too :)

Ratabelle (shamelessly cross-posted)

In a nod to Victorian Kitsch Taxidermy (such as Mr. Potter's stuffed kitten tea party), I articulated the skeleton of a giant pouched rat and dressed her in a fancy Victorian blouse, skirt, & bustle set.

Ratabelle! 3 picturesCollapse )

Full set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7760104@N06/sets/72157627160351695/

Re-Vamped Website!

Jul. 20th, 2011

I have a question and I wasn't sure where else to ask, feel free to chastise me, but I am wondering could anyone point me toward any victorian paintings that depict a house clearance or auction? I am studying 19th century art myself but haven't come across anything with that subject matter, only evictions and emigration. Any help will be much appreciated!


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