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Dark Victoria...

... a supply of leeches on hand at all times.

The Darker Side of the Victorian Era
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for the appreciation of the darker side of Victorian life.

The Victorian Era is generally accepted to be the period of time during which Victoria reigned, 1837-1901. Her reign, the changes it brought, the culture it created reached far past Britain and into the early twentieth century. For the purposes of this community, we can observe what is known as the long Victorian Era; 1830-1914.

This is also a community for us lovers of modern day Victoriana, dark and otherwise, and those of us who use a darker Victorian fashion in our everyday lives- feel free to post info about your modern day dark Victorian influences, fashions, etc.

Keep posts on topic, just because it's dark, spooky or strange doesn't mean it belongs here. Just because it's Victorian doesn't mean it belongs here. If it isn't either, it definitely does not belong here.

There are some guidelines:

1. Unrelated announcements of new communities will be deleted without warning. What is or is not related will be decided at the discretion of DV's community maintainers.

2. Please do not post quiz/survey results.

3. If you post photographs, please post only the first one, providing it isn't more than 500px by 500px, and place the rest behind a cut tag.

4. Sales posts are permitted if they are related to dark Victoriana.

5. If you are disrespectful or an ass, you will be either warned or banned, at the moderators' discretion.

6. Post mortem photography is to be put behind a cut, and with a warning that this is what you are posting. This is the result of member requests.

For questions about LJ specific issues please be sure to check out things for yourself using these various links:

The LiveJournal FAQ Page.

LJ Cut, username and community name tags.

Other questions or concerns about the community should be addressed to dolphingirl (dolphingirl@livejournal.com) or littlelamb (littlelamb@livejournal.com).
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